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The masculine and feminine energy

Article By: The masculine and feminine energy

An inner male and female

There is great confusion these days in the sexual energy, the energy that creates and sustains all life, the strongest energy that exists within us. There are two poles of this energy, masculine and feminine. Each of these polarizers has different qualities that are responsible for the functioning of all who we are. We are composed of masculine energy and feminine energy, and each of us also has feminine and masculine qualities.

The properties of a healthy masculine energy:

Presence – the ability to be here and now in and out of the body in a full connection.

The ability to penetrate – the life, the feminine  and all the inner shadows. Done out of presence, tenderness, sweetness and desire to give.

Clarity – the deep connection to the spiritual worlds and the bringing of precision into this moment, the ability to see clearly the vision and the direction of realization.

Creating a safe and secure space – placing clear and healthy boundaries and structures – creates security while allowing the feminine to be all that it is.

Accurate communication – in listening, in speech, in presence, in sharing and in facilitation, the ability to be authentic and real.

Strength – the ability to fulfill, the power to break through, to give a clear direction and to persevere. The ability to exercise in life.

Testimony – the ability to be neutral and without judgment, deep observation in a moment without identification.

When healthy masculine energy is not nurtured, it becomes damaged and hurtful.

The ‘shadows’ of masculine energy:

Controlling and Planning – In the absence of true presence and trust, male energy tries to control, manipulate, a impose life on itself.

Confusion, blurring and lack of direction – when the ability to be present is dimmed, there is no direction, nowhere and how to penetrate and it creates paralysis and submission to what happens without the ability to decide and perform. Looks and feels like lack of backbone, damaged integrity and trust.

Aggressiveness – When the presence is weak, the ability to penetrate the world with presence, sweetness and softness is weakened, and then the masculine becomes difficult, aggressive, and even violent, perceptions of war, competition and survival are strengthened, instead of peace, cooperation and creativity.

Chaos and insecurity – when the ability to create clear and healthy boundaries does not exist, a chaotic and threatening space is created, there is nothing to define and create security. This is how exploitation is born, traumas, distrust and fears.

Lies – When the communication is inaccurate and unreal, false life is created. We walk on exhausting, painful paths, entrenchment in the self and inability to grow and develop.

Frenzy and internal noise – when observation and uneducated committees create internal noise, thoughts and feelings dominate the system, movement from the past to the future, lack of peace, satisfaction and quiet, self-judgment and external criticism.

The healthy properties of feminine energy:

Love – the energy of love itself, the ability to love and be loved, to let love itself flow through us, unconditional and without restrictions.

Devotion and surrender – the ability to let go, to give in to the moment, to energy, to everything that exists, to everything that comes, to be the energy itself and to deepen within it in totality.

Radiation and the ability to develop – the glamor and beauty of life energy, the energy that attracts the masculine, is expressed in nature in radiant viscosity (women and men), Mother Earth. The agreement and the ability to develop more and more, to delve deeper and deeper into devotion and love.

Energy in motion – all types of emotional energy movements, the ability to be total in them, and the ability to move from one emotional state to another in full devotion.

Acceptance – the ability to accept the existing, to deepen the liberation of the old, and to develop more and receive more and expand the channels of
acceptance in our life.

When the feminine energy is not nurtured it becomes damaged and its shadows are:

Conditional love – When love does not reach its depths (mainly due to lack of male presence), love is limited to the exchange of energy, give and take games, love with conditions and laws.

Emotional Disconnection – When the ability to surrender and succumb is weakened, trust is weakened, defenses are created, energy rises to the top (heightened thinking and mind), and a disconnect is created from the emotional bodies.

Emotional drama – when female radiation is weakened and barriers are created from opening, female energy is stuck in pain and suffering and produces more and more painful emotional energy, a feeling of victimization activated and the mechanisms of guilt and applied internally and externally, patterns of revenge and punishment are intensified.

Closure and Opacity – When the ability to accept is closed, the sexual energy is stuck, not renewed, not flowing, everything feels stressed, the detachment from life grows , the patterns of survival are activated and freedom is reduced.

The Sacred Union

The sacred union is the deep encounter between masculine and feminine, a deep space is created in this encounter – of presence and love, of heaven and earth, spirit and matter. This session allows for the deepest healing, the deepest connection, and the deepest transformation.

Sacred union is performed at various levels in depth and form and infinite expressions to it. This sacred union also occurs in our midst (the healthy masculine in us meets the healthy feminine in us, when presence and love merge, and we go deeper into our core, the root of our being to our unity) and in sacred encounters with the outside world (humans, nature ,energy entities, etc).

The sacred union within the act of love making:

The act of love is first of all within us, when presence and love merge together, the masculine and the feminine within us meet and heal each other, and we relax deeply into the place within ourselves that is all and the other place within us is void.

When we relate to the sacred union with another person, we relate to the intersection of the poles that are built with the other’s poles. Usually one person connects to one energy and the other to the other, men usually connect to the masculine and women to the feminine (even in the same sex encounter, one side usually chooses masculine and feminine), this polarity is essential for sexual attraction and general health.

In this article, I refer to the sacred union between a man and a woman, even though as mentioned, it speaks of masculine and feminine, and therefore also applies to all types of encounters.

The encounter begins with the two’s agreeing to create a sacred encounter, a healing encounter that allows anything that wants to rise from our depths (subconscious) to come to the surface and receive expression and transformation. The masculine wants to bring his healthy qualities and through them to open and deepen the feminine, while the feminine wants to surrender and open and move the flow of love.

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