Yoni Massage

Article By: דוד כהן צדק

What is it? Why is it good?
And what is the connection to Tantra and the movement of energy in the body?

First, I will explain that “Yoni” in Indian is the name of the female genital organ and its meaning is the sacred place, and in my view, it is more pleasant to call the female genitalia and describe it than the other common and non-flattering names in Hebrew and other languages.

So what is a really Yoni massage?

What differs it from a simple touch with the fingers and makes it into a sacred and healing ritual? What are the benefits and why should you pay attention when you make the decision to undergo such a ceremony?

On the mental/spiritual/energetic level, Yoni is the second center or the second heart of the woman, as I experience it, and here it becomes more complex.

What is the connection between massage and energy stimulation in the body?

The energetic flow of the woman begins from the Yoni and enters through it and continues up through the uterus and the heart and up, and from this very direction the flow is collected into the Yoni, which for this matter is like an energetic strainer. A range of traumas and injuries, both physical and non-direct. It can be a word that a spouse/parent/ friend said or just a person from the street that said something to her or an experience not directly related to her and the energy just got stuck in Yoni.

Over the years, different experiences accumulate in Yoni, which sometimes affects the woman’s sexual behavior and feelings. Feelings and sensations of fear, guilt, shame, and embarrassment begin to settle and over time, an emotional contraction is created. That often becomes physical, and this can manifest in all sorts of phenomena such as vaginal contraction and dryness, burning and scratching in sexual intercourse and “inviting” various diseases to enter.

The Yoni massage touches the temple and heals all the layers of the woman. The woman’s consent to the touch in Yoni by a masseur as well as by a spouse is actually an invitation to enter the sanctity and in my eyes, this is the only way to touch a Yoni, holiness, compassion, love, and healing, meditation that is prayer.

This is what distinguishes the message from just playing with the fingers to sacred and healing ceremony, intention, understanding, and knowledge.

The sacred ceremony is divided into several stages: one can be passed through one massage in tastings or one stage is passed in separate messages. The stages are in order: a gentle massage, a message to the holy spot, a special message to release traumas, a female ejaculation ritual, and a cervical orgasm.

What does Tantra have to do with it?
Much of the ceremony is also devoted to transforming the sexual energy into love and lifting it up to the heart. The massage/ritual begins with no contact and is dedicated to studying breathing and energizing the body. There is a physical exercise to relax the body so that the good energy can flow freely, and the stuck and traumatic energy will be released from the body during the message that will come. After the breathing and exercises, begins a full body massage and pressure at energetic points that help the energy to move and release. And finally reach the temple, in the Yoni itself, we touch from the outside and inside there are additional pressure points that stimulate and release the energy, in the high stages of the ceremony you can work with orgasm and learn the difference between female masculine orgasm female feminine and how to rise and move and to Meditate through orgasms.

It is important to note that Yoni massage does not aim at pleasure, and yet it can happen and it is blessed, but it is only the result of the sacred process and the release of the stuck energies.

For whom the Yoni massage is designed for?
The message I described has many advantages in healing the release and empowerment of women and sexuality and therefore is intended for every woman regardless of her sexual abilities, her spiritual level, and her personal status, single or marital. Also, the Yoni massage can be learned by couples who wish to heal each other through these rituals.

What should you pay attention when you make a decision to undergo such a ceremony?

* It is worth checking out the real desire behind the request for the ceremony, in order to be precise.

* It is important to undergo it in a ritual and professional manner with a person who is capable of dealing with Lilith and the demons that emerged during the healing process.

* Unfortunately, many women have suffered severe injuries and are carrying them in their bodies and souls and during the massage, these things are released and healed, but it is important to check the readiness to deal with these injuries and to know the limits and go slowly.

* It is important to feel the energy of a male therapist that creates polarity for female energy and thus stimulates the healing that comes from a man, and sometimes it is good to feel the feminine energy which will flood and allow other things.

* Pleasure is a blessed thing, but focusing on the pleasure without energetic spiritual work can lead to a sense of emptiness and exploitation after a while.

* The space during the ceremony is dedicated to the woman only, a space in which she can devote herself and express herself freely without having to give back to anyone.

* Tantric massages are part of a whole spiritual way that changes a life, and it is recommended to undergo the massage as part of this path.

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