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Tantric massage healers

About Tantric Massage

Tantric massage is a deep work with the body, breathing and voice in order to release energy stuck in the body and teach it to move in new and intensifying paths.
It aids in the release of blockages, the opening of energy paths, the expansion of consciousness, balance and connection between the various energies in the body (heart, emotion, consciousness, sex) and will include contact and different breathing types.
The uniqueness of Tantric massage is in his work, among others, with sexual energy. The healer starts working through all the body’s organs and continues to intimate massages.

Massage in the intimate organs allows access to an additional layer of mind because these areas of our bodies (the sexual organs and rectum) are powerful gates of our body.
In most people, these areas have emotional and physical “armor” after accumulated inhibitions of negative emotions, such as guilt, shame, fear.
These barriers can also arise from early childhood, when we learned that these areas should be hidden. When we learned to judge the touch of these organs and the pleasure that can be derived from them.

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