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Yoni Massage

What is it? Why is it good? And what is the connection to Tantra and the movement of energy in the body? First, I will explain that “Yoni” in Indian is the name of the female genital organ and its meaning is the sacred place, and in my view, it is more pleasant to call the female genitalia and describe it than the other common and non-flattering na

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Does Tantra equal Sex?

For many years now I have been following the ancient Tantra path, and despite the tremendous change I have undergone following this path, and although people around me see the change that I and the patients go through, I get again and again some frustrating, repetitive reactions: “Oh .. So you’re dealing with sex all day… Everybody is doing orgies

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Online Tantra guide

online tantra guide

This is an online Tantra guide for improving awareness, learning self-love, and improving sexual life. This guide includes series of videos on the basics of Tantra. For beginners and advanced, for couples and individuals, who want to learn how to improve interpersonal communication skills, enrich sexuality and improve their relationships. With the

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About the war of the sexes

Neo-Tantra is a practical, very earthly theory that has a clear purpose: To marry the person with his opposite. To bring inner peace between the contradictory desires of the soul. From war, that there is no peace. The man is drawn to the woman and afraid of her. The woman is attracted to a man and so on. Sex is war. See your cute puppy coming back

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Multi orgasms for men

Who among us does not envy a woman who can experience several orgasms in one sexual session? Not only that, her orgasms can last well beyond a few seconds and she does not immediately fall asleep at the end. Did someone forgot us men? Can we also do that? So that you do not stay in suspense? The answer is yes! Yes we can be multi orgasmic and exper

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Osho: Tantra, spirituality and sex – from the book

“The other is just a door. When you make love to a woman, you actually make love with existence itself.” Sigmund Freud says that the man was born neurotic. That’s the half-truth. Man is not born neurotic but he is born into a neurotic humanity, and society around turns everyone, sooner or later into neurotic. Man is born natural, real, normal, but

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The connected orgasm

Much of the discourse in the sexual field is devoted to female orgasm. Headlines such as “7 Ways to Orgasm” or “All About Female Orgasm and How to Reach It” represent the prevailing view that there is some unresolved issue with this whole subject. There is a problem. It is not exactly clear how the peak begins and where it ends. For men, orgasm com

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Thoughts of feminine self-indulgence

I share with you the points that seem important and interesting to me, from my personal research. It occurred to me, that just as Sanskrit had about fifty words of love (I did not count … so I was told) and just as Eskimos have a selection of words that describe snow, we should have a multitude of words that describe “self-pleasure.” And to begin

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