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מורה לטנטרה ואינטימיות, תרפיסט ומעביר תהליכי חניכה עונג וריפוי, מתרגל מזה שנים רבות את אומנות הטנטרה והמדיטציה, רב אומן במעשה האהבה.

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Yoni Massage

What is it? Why is it good? And what is the connection to Tantra and the movement of energy in the body? First, I will explain that “Yoni” in Indian is the name of the female genital organ and its meaning is the sacred place, and in my view, it is mo

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Does Tantra equal Sex?

For many years now I have been following the ancient Tantra path, and despite the tremendous change I have undergone following this path, and although people around me see the change that I and the patients go through, I get again and again some frus

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