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Multi orgasms for men

Article By: רוני כהן

Who among us does not envy a woman who can experience several orgasms in one sexual session?

Not only that, her orgasms can last well beyond a few seconds and she does not immediately fall asleep at the end. Did someone forgot us men? Can we also do that? So that you do not stay in suspense? The answer is yes!

Yes we can be multi orgasmic and experience several orgasms in succession without or with loss of sperm. It is a spiritual method on the one hand but not necessarily, it is a real practice that can be practiced, practical tips and practice instructions at the end of the article. So let’s go.

Before we reach the desired orgasm we will give up reaching the goal, take a deep breath to the stomach and exhale the air long. In the context of orgasm, male sexuality is much less studied than in women .They have a great deal of technical, anatomical and emotional level, how to reach orgasm, and how to experience multi-orgasms in great detail. In contrast, in men it is assumed that this is not achievable and unrealistic. In talking about male sexuality, the focus is mainly on the physical aspect and less on the sensuality, it is probably due to our culture that imprinted the role of the warrior, the penetrator, the missionary and the less surrendering and present type. When a man grows up on the fact that his masculinity is measured by the degree of his erection, he less develops his senses and therefore sensuality is not a significant player in the play. Sensuality for most men focuses on the genitals and pelvis and less in areas such as nipples, throat, neck, feet and more. The ability to experience one or more orgasms (without ejaculation) begins with a connection to the senses – taste, smell, touch, hearing.

In order for a man to develop a multi-orgasmic ability, he must emerge from a cock-standing-penetrating awareness to a sense of pleasure, presence and devotion. So the genitals are not used as a weapon of war but as a tool of pleasure. As soon as the male is present in the body, breathing and is not aiming for ejaculation, then one or several significant orgasms can occur. This of course means leaving the head aside, we do not need the head to experience an orgasm.

The first thing we need to understand as men is that both physical and biological euphoria and ejaculation are two separate processes.

In men, orgasm is usually accompanied by ejaculation but not necessarily. Ejaculation can be felt throughout the body including shoulders, head, brain, lips, eyes and more. In fact, we can experience all body orgasm, which is usually called a tantric orgasm that allows men to enjoy orgasm without ejaculation and thus experience a sequence of orgasms as much as they want. Studies show that men can experience 2 to 16 orgasms before ejaculation. By Tantric practice, we can separate orgasm and ejaculation and thereby experience a series of orgasms without ejaculation.

I personally have no objection to ejaculation, on the contrary, it is a celebration of life. In my translation – do not spill your seed in vain – meaning that if you are already finished then celebrate it and take advantage of this special pure liquid for playing, smelling the body and other creative ideas. I am in favor of sorting out the amount of amnesty and increasing the time between finishing and finishing. Science has already proved beyond a doubt that there is a lot of vitality in the seminal fluid and the body invests considerable resources in order to re-create it, this becomes significant as we age.

Of course re-creation has an advantage, but there is a balance here. There is something very powerful in the sexual energy stored in our seeds. The preservation of the sperm allows us vitality, health and longevity. In our sperm, not only the ability to create new life but also the fountain of youth itself. The sexual energy as we learn in Tantra can be transformed into action, love, meditation and orgasm. And why is it important to talk about keeping sperm in the context of multi orgasm? Because multi orgasm can not be experienced if the sexual energy is weak. Multi-orgasmic practice often requires sperm retention.

So what is an orgasm?

Orgasm is the sense of pleasure we feel during or after the sexual release. In French it is called la petit mort, which means little death, and this explains what goes beyond orgasm and perhaps also its spiritual-mystical aspect. During the orgasm there are significant changes in the body, such as increased breathing rate, accelerated heartbeat, and hormonal bombardment (Serotonin, Adrenaline, Oxytocin, Endorphins, and Dopamine). The brain releases all the tension in the body. In addition, muscle contractions occur in the pelvic floor at a rate of 2-14 contractions per second.

The muscles that contract are in the anus, the prostate, and the muscles around the genitals. The orgasm itself felt in the brain and as vibration throughout the body, a sense of peace, relaxation and great satisfaction. Beyond the advantages mentioned above, a multi orgasmic man is a gift for every woman or man and of course for himself. Since he has no purpose to finish, and therefore there is more presence of touch, love and staying in the moment, the act of love lengthens and develops in a new quality. What else would we ask for?

So what should I do as a man to experience multi orgasm?

First to relax, one of the things we find difficult with men is competition and penis envy, and all the time we have a desire to prove that we are strong and good and fuck like machines. The invitation is to part from this part of us, to devote ourselves to our body, to learn to make love with ourselves, to explore and discover points of pleasure. With this, we will also be relieved of the guilt, shame, fear, and embarrassment that accompany us in the contexts of sexuality and our body, which Tantra views as nothing less than the temple of love and our lengthening of the light.

In order to develop multi orgasmic abilities, we must familiarize ourselves with our perineum, which is actually the region between the anus and the scrotum. This point is also known as the million dollar point or the sex muscle and yoga is called mola-banda (root locking). This point is actually the basis for Tantric work and for the development of multi orgasmic ability in men. The good news is that it is possible and the least good news is that it requires a lot of practice and perseverance and here most of us fall. This muscle, like any muscle in the body, requires exercise, strengthening, and the ability to control it. It can stop ejaculation, strengthen erection, and pull sexual energy up the spine along the “flute” of the body’s energy centers (chakras) in the microcosmic pathway through the mouth and heart back to the lower abdomen (Hara) where it is stored. In this way, we inject the sexual energy in the body and experience it as an orgasmic vibration. First of all, connect to this point. Feel it with your hand, massage it with slow turns and push in and breathe in for full breaths.

Before we move on to the training stages, it is important to say a few words about breathing, because without breathing you can not experience orgasm. Most of us do not fully breathe, but give the body the minimum required. It is very important in any context of sexual work to develop full breathing capacity. It means – an open mouth, a full inhalation of the stomach and chest, feeling the fullness, stopping for a moment and slowly releasing all the air.

In addition – Pranayama practice (Prana = life energy, yama = practice) such as Kaplabti, Ujay, Hastrika and more. It is advisable to work with a qualified and experienced teacher. Then open your mouth, take a deep breath, fill your stomach and chest, hold a little, and breathe with your mouth open with a good sigh.

Let’s start working.

The first step is to practice the contraction and relaxation of this muscle. To understand exactly where it is, imagine that you are urinating and then stop urinating (it is not recommended to do stop much while urinating, only to understand the place). Take a deep breath, squeeze the muscle inward and up, and release slowly. Even if at first you do not know exactly where the muscle has released it, it will come over time. This practice is possible at home, driving or sitting at work. It recommended to start with 50 a day and gradually increase to 300 or more.

The second step is to learn to stop the ejaculation by contraction of the PC muscle (Pubococcygeus, the yoga mulabanda, root lock), this exercise is also Kegel Exercise. The idea here is to make love with yourself. In Tantra we are less using the word masturbation But in self-indulgence, and that’s a big difference. In self-indulgence, you make time for yourself, without a mobile phone, without interruption, a good shower, music, an incense candle or anything that makes you cozy. Then you begin to rediscover your body.

With a slow, sensual touch you touch all of it, discovering new points of pleasure and mainly breathing deeply to the stomach and chest. Gradually you adjust to the sex area – groin, buttocks, testicles, lingam and learn to identify the point of no return. Work on edging, if the scale of sexual arousal is 1-10, meaning 1-2 is the beginning of the arousal, the feeling of desire for sex, 3-4 there is already excitement, blood flowing to the lingam and starting hardening, 5-6 lingam is already difficult. 7-8 the level of the stimulus increases greatly and we begin to feel the edge. 9 This is the point of no return from which the ejaculation will be at 10.

The practice should always bring you to the 8-9 area and then stop by contracting the muscle and spreading the energy from the genital area to all parts of the body by rattling, caressing, sounding and breathing. Another recommendation – because we want to develop awareness of our sexuality, its power and control (control from a positive place), the recommendation is not to use porn in this practice because it distracts us from being fully present with ourselves.

The first few times the ejaculation may come, accept it, everything is okay on the way. Later – you may stop the ejaculation too soon and orgasm will not come, this is also a step in the way. Then one day orgasm will come without ejaculation, and it’s a real celebration. The most important thing as in any self-empowerment is to enjoy the way, to be present and enjoy.

The next step is to learn to increase the energy in stages at the different stations on the way. First, in each aspiration, we imagine the energy rising from the genitals to the sacrum, and from there through all the vertebrae to the neck, head, face, throat, heart and abdomen. These are the main stations on the way. The recommendation is to dedicate a few days to each station and to take each station with an aspiration and contraction, stay there and feel the impact on the physical, emotional and energetic-sexual level.

You can initially lay a hand on each center and feel the energy. If you experience difficulty or do not feel anything, imagine the energy coming up in the various centers. Guided Imagination is a powerful tool in developing the multi-orgasmic ability.

An additional advanced practice is called the “Passion Pump”, it teaches us to rotate the energy in a Microcosmic orbit and experience the multi-orgasm throughout the body. Of course, later on, this practice can be combined with the sex itself, by penetrating and experiencing the multi-orgasm with a partner, which we will leave for another article.

This exercise is not recommended to be practiced alone, but under the supervision of a qualified teacher first, and of course if there is any medical problem, consult a doctor.

A man who wants to develop in the Tantric way is invited to talk to me. I specialize in male sexuality (straight, bisexual, gay and everything in between) and train men to control their sexuality, multi-orgasmic experiences and connect with the true masculinity from a place of love and acceptance, thus living a life full of passion and pleasure. We practice as a group of men once a week in Tel Aviv. The Tantra Yoga class teaches us the principles of Tantric practice in support of yoga, combining bodywork, breathing, movement, voice and touch. You can also arrange personal meetings with Tantra or Tantra Yoga. I also hold short and long-term workshops for men only, and represent the largest school in the United States for the conscious sexuality of The Body Electric School.

Please contact me with any questions. Namaste, Ronnie

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