Tantra and depression

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Tantra and depression

Tantra is an ancient healing method that deals with human development, with all its parts, bringing him into harmony, inner peace, and happiness. From its ability to touch different parts of the human psyche, it is another treatment method for depression, which can sit on many levels of the human psyche.

What is depression?

Depression is usually caused by stagnant life energy. Hurt we have suffered during our lives, from early childhood to the rest of our lives. All kinds of pains, traumas and difficult experiences accumulated in the body, surround our emotional bodies as well as the physical body and create a deep body weight. This deep weight and pain in the body express themselves in one’s thinking.

The heaviness is expressed in the fact that our thoughts become heavier, gloomier, more depressive, pessimistic, hopeless, distrustful. All these injuries, accumulated during life, become part of our being, people walking in a heavy, oppressive field.

Depression often comes as part of our distance from our source, from our deep, quiet self, which always dwells deep there. With pain and lack of attention and awareness, the pain accumulates and we forget our true nature. So, when you begin to treat depression through Tantra, you start working with and on all aspects of your life.

Tantra Therapy to Relieve Depression

In Tantra Therapy, you can learn many topics of work and personal development, releasing all those places stuck in our body by opening up our physical bodies. The process is done with the help of physical exercises and emotional exercises of emotional expression.

First, we begin with the physical body, we open it. It is impossible to live a world of joy and vitality when the physical body is heavy and dense. This heaviness of the body affects our thinking, our optimism, and our ability to feel hope and knowledge that we are in a good, safe, and resourceful place. Later on, we begin to practice emotional work, to move our emotions, to learn how to release the repressed resentments, the rage and helplessness, the feelings of victims and hurt, the pain and everything that sits around our emotional bodies.
Using all kinds of techniques of moving energy within our body, through learning right communication and identifying the deep needs of what we need. Things that when depressed, we usually forget and do not know how to look inside and see what the body needs. Only layers of pain and hopelessness motivate and create thoughts.

Through the work of awareness, we begin to identify our deepest desires, our unique gifts and learn how to bring them into the world, how to express them, how to cross feelings of distrust. We learn to feel these feelings, learn to re-let them go, to release and open, to connect to our sources of empowerment. Identify the strong places, through a conscious work inward, and start working with them.

Tantra also refers to the aspect of sexual energy in our bodies. Sexual energy is the strongest physical energy that drives our body. Usually depressed people are cut off from this energy, cannot use this powerful engine to transform and change. Through Tantra, you learn how to open sexual energy, how to move it in your body. How can it be released from the sex regions and connect it to the stomach and to the sources of power and emotional bodies. Learn how to move it to the heart, to open and feel it. In the beginning, there is also a lot of pain, depression, rage, anger and all kinds of feelings and things sitting there. We then learn to transform and convert sexual energy and connect it to our thinking centers, to our connection to optimism and deep inner knowledge.

One of the problems that appear in depression is the inability to make a real choice. What makes one’s choices are the bodies of his pain and his inability to function. Through Tantra we learn to recognize these limitations, learn to renew our choices, choose the choices that benefit us. Sometimes it is a way of changing the environment, by changing a place or field of work, sometimes through all kinds of other changes that a person has to make. The person who suffers from depression usually does not see possibilities and hope, and through Tantra, these paths can be created within the person, to make a specific change and even to make significant changes in his environment. Working with Tantra, a holistic and complete therapy which works with all aspects of a person, goes through all levels. This way is a way of process. It does not happen in a day, nor a week. This is a process that a person commits himself to and does with himself. The process is suitable for someone who really wants to change his life, open and get out of depression. All you need at the beginning is to come and ask for assistance from a skilled person who can guide, instruct and teach you, how to work with your energies and strengths and how to work with your own fears.

Depression has all kinds of levels, from mild depression, deeper depression, and clinical depression. Clinical depression is a condition in which the person is out of function and can hardly get out of bed and home. Work in this situation is more profound, usually requires a deeper process, more labor intensive, but it is completely possible. From my experience of treating hundreds of people, the way is completely possible and open to those who really want to change, committed and do what is good for them. There are a varied tools that can this process.

Tantra for Depression: More Ways

There are other ways in which Tantra helps with depression. One way is to introduce the human body into an energetic trance, which can penetrate the subconscious systems and release the layers of pain and emotional armor that have been built over the years. Another way Tantra works is to transform pain energy into pleasure. People can be taught to experience pleasure at other levels than they know, not just sexual pleasure, emission and easy energy release of orgasms, but a profound transformation of energy into pleasure. A pleasure that spreads through the body and spreads throughout the system. A deep connection to pleasure is transformative in itself. Ecstasy and bliss – are mighty vessels that penetrate directly into the subconscious mind. These tools enable the deepest healing path known to man. With pleasure and deep spiritual experiences, people can release more shells from the depths of the subconscious, which sends them a difficult and painful reality. They can create a transformation there, beginning to create an optimistic way of life when they are connected and breathing. There are variety of tools of meditation and breathing, which can enhance the vitality of the body, and turn affect the thinking and patterns of action of the person and open the door to a significant change in his life.

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