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Tantra and depression

tantra and depression

Tantra and depression Tantra is an ancient healing method that deals with human development, with all its parts, bringing him into harmony, inner peace, and happiness. From its ability to touch different parts of the human psyche, it is another treatment method for depression, which can sit on many levels of the human psyche. What is depression? De

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The masculine and feminine energy

An inner male and female There is great confusion these days in the sexual energy, the energy that creates and sustains all life, the strongest energy that exists within us. There are two poles of this energy, masculine and feminine. Each of these polarizers has different qualities that are responsible for the functioning of all who we are. We are

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What is tantra

The immediate association that most people hear when they hear the word “tantra” is sex, or more: sex that lasts hours without release. The person who is largely responsible for this image of Tantra is the singer Sting, who sometime in the early 90s said something about seven hours of tantric sex. Since then he has managed to repeat his claim that

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