פורטל טנטרה / A Guide to Tantra Sessions

What is the difference between a tantric encounter and a tantric massage, what inner work is done in a personal encounter without contact, what includes a personal tantra encounter with touch, what is a meeting of Rebirthing and bio energy, and what is a tantric encounter online?

The guide includes an explanation of how and what inner work is done in each type of session so that each person can choose the appropriate session.
It is important to understand that there is no one session better than the other, preference is personal to each person.
It is possible that a person will have preference for a different kind of session in different periods of his life.
When choosing the type of session and healing, we will examine the appropriate way for us and who is the healer who meets our needs in order to come to the process itself as open and ready as possible.

Personal Tantra Session (Non-Contact)

A non-contact session can be a conversation, coaching, counseling, guidance, learning, energetic work, guided imagination, breathing, and more. The encounter does not include physical contact and all contact takes place through the energies and interactions that arise between the holder of the space (the healer) and the client.
These are powerful sessions that usually accompany a number of sessions in order to create change and healing in areas that people feel blocked and stuck in their lives.
Within the session space, the healer allows a safe place to dive deeper into subjects that sometimes bring with them shame, embarrassment, guilt or fear.
Through sessions, the client learns and practices new ways to express emotions that do not find legitimacy in his daily life, such as anger, sadness, pleasure, joy and more.

These sessions also include the process of opening energy channels. This process enables a person to bring himself to a fuller and more complete expression in all spheres of life.

Personal Tantra Session (with touch)

A session that includes touch is a session that works on the physical body and emotional bodies simultaneously, through different types of contact and is usually integrated in conversation – before or after contact.
Such a session allows for the release of shame and guilt and fears hidden in the body that cannot be reached through conversation alone.
Through contact you can learn to move different energies in the body. Energy of love, sexual energy and energy of consciousness.
When combined with breathing, the subconscious can be reached in the body and through it to release automatic habits, limiting beliefs, and self-destructive patterns.
In the encounter, you touch and dissolve layers of obstructions, pains and feelings to release injuries, traumas, difficult experiences, repressed emotions, depressions, distrust, and so on.

Working on boundaries is important because the more one is connected to his boundaries and expresses them clearly and easily, the more the inner sense of trust and confidence in life grows.
The touch is a touch that teaches, loves and supports. It is powerful but gentle and can be used in different types of energy.

OnLine Tantra Session

Online session is a remote session, usually used by telephone, Skype, Messenger or other software that suits both callers.
Through this session you can get all the training: counseling, guidance, learning, energetic work, guided imagination, breathing and more. The convenience of these sessions stems from their high availability. The customer’s ability to be in his home or wherever he chooses can create a permanent and available escort at coordinated hours or meet healers who are physically distant from him and receive the specific frequency he needs from them.

This session is essentially like a non-contact session, where you can work on all topics and learn all the tools that are relevant to a person in daily life or work on a particular challenge as needed.

Rebirthing and Bio Energy

Rebirthing and Bio Energy are two particularly powerful session methods that help to open up our emotional and physical “armor”.
Rebirthing is a connected breathing technique that has a profound effect.

Practicing natural breathing in a certain way, which intensifies life’s energy in the body and helps to penetrate the depths of our subconscious and release injuries, traumas, difficult experiences, repressed emotions, depressions, distrust, and such.

The second method – Bio Energy combines different breathing techniques with precise bodywork that also helps to open up our body. Some combine the two methods together to create a particularly intense encounter.

This is excellent preparatory work for Tantric massage and it is good to work with these tools to open the energy channels and release barriers from the body before entering sexual work.

Tantric Massage

Tantric massage is a deep work with the body, breathing and voice in order to release energy stuck in the body and teach it to move in new and intensifying paths.
It aids in the release of blockages, the opening of energy paths, the expansion of consciousness, balance and connection between the various energies in the body (heart, emotion, consciousness, sex) and will include contact and different breathing types.
The uniqueness of Tantric massage is in his work, among others, with sexual energy. The healer starts working through all the body’s organs and continues to intimate massages.

Massage in the intimate organs allows access to an additional layer of the mind because these areas of our bodies (the genitals and anus) are powerful gates of our body.
In most people, these areas have emotional and physical “armor” after accumulated inhibitions over negative emotions, such as guilt, shame, fear.
These barriers can also arise from early childhood, when we learned that these areas should be minimized. When we learned to judge the touch of these organs and the pleasure that can be derived from them.
After childhood, the sexual education we received as we grew up sometimes came from pornography instead of a loving and attentive education and the sexual experience, as it should have been.

Over time, these areas received more and more contact for sexual satisfaction rather than loving contact. Often we did not listen to their real needs. Whether for the sake of others or for the sake of emotional release, which only increased the pain that accumulated in this area and waiting for a cure, including through massage.