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Last updated on – May 2018


Welcome to the tantra.co.il website (hereinafter – “the Tantra portal” or “the portal” or “the website”). We thank you for your choice to explore the portal and hope that you enjoy the use of the website and make the most of it.


  1. What are the Terms of Use?
    1. These terms of use regulate the relationship between you, as someone seeking to use the website as a healer or teacher in this field, or seeking to schedule such sessions, and us, Tantra website, owners of the website, its administrators and operators (hereinafter – “the portal”, “the website” or “the website’s operator/administration”).
    2. Use of the website will be subject to the terms detailed below, which will be called the “terms of use”, with this document also serving as the website’s regulations for all intents and purposes (hereinafter – “the Terms of Use” or “the Website’s Regulations”).
    3. The portal is a platform for concentrated marketing and presentation of information and knowledge suited to those interested in the subject of Tantra. The web audience interested in a tantric session can receive information from the portal about different healers who work in the field, sorted by various categories such as the healer’s sex, experience, fields of activity, types of sessions being offered, geographic area of work and so forth, all in accordance with the details provided to the portal by that specific healer. On that subject, it should immediately be noted that the information presented in the portal is presented as given by the healers / advertisers themselves, and the website does not take any responsibility for the content of the advertising, other than, as aforesaid, the very presentation of the information.
    4. Use of the portal is subject to the provisions of all and any of the state of Israel’s laws and to the content of these Terms of Use, and it is agreed that the Terms of Use precede any publication and/or advertisement and/or information to the contrary which may appear on the website or elsewhere. In light of that, we ask that you take the time to read the Terms of Use carefully, diligently and in full before making any use of the portal.
    5. Your very use of the portal, in and of itself, constitutes in practice a full agreement to all of the aforementioned Terms of Use, whether the use was paid or unpaid, direct or indirect, deliberate or accidental. If, at this time, you do not agree to the Terms of Use, please leave the website and make no use of it, thank you.
    6. The Terms of Use are written in the male form for convenience’s sake only, and refer to both sexes equally.
  2. Use of the Portal
    1. The website’s operator has the full and unlimited right to change the provisions of the Terms of Use from time to time and at any given moment, without being required to make any announcement of same before or after implementing the change. As such, it is the website visitor’s responsibility to review the updated provisions of the Terms of Use from time to time.
    2. Use of the portal “as is”, is possible at any given time. The website’s operator has no obligation to maintain the portal’s current and/or future structure and/or the number and structure of the sections and/or the existing layout, in the near or distant future, and will be free to make, at any time, decisions about the structure and method of managing the website.
    3. The website’s operator has the exclusive right to determine the website’s design, its content, the different uses of it that can be made, the types and numbers of sections and forums, their names and every other similar determination.
    4. The website’s operator has an unlimited right to decide to shut down the website and/or reduce its scope and/or expand its scope and/or transfer it to any other party, at any given time, fully or partially, under no conditions and with no obligation to give notice. Similarly, no user of the website will have any grievance and/or demand and/or claim towards the website’s operator in any matter which stems from this right of his.
    5. The website’s operator does not guarantee that the services being given in the website will, at any given time, be provided duly and with no interruption as a result of malfunctions, internal or external failures, viruses, software or hardware damages and/or any other disruption, whether it originates from the website’s infrastructure and/or the website’s owner and/or any of the providers of services to the website.
    6. It is hereby clarified that the website’s operator will not be liable for any direct or indirect damage caused to the user due to a disturbance in the website’s activity for any reason, at any time.
    7. The portal enables users registered on it to publish various types of content in the designated forums, including verbal content, information, photos, videos, links to other websites, files, symbols and signs and so forth. It is hereby clarified that the website’s operator and/or management do not bear any liability regarding the contents published in the website by users, so that the sole liability for these contents and any damage which may, God forbid, be caused by them will be on the user who published them on the website or provided them for publication.
    8. The website and/or its content may be published on any other media, including other websites and/or a cellular phone and/or any other means of communication or media, including types of media developed in the future. It is hereby clarified that the provisions of these Terms of Use will apply, in full, to any publication of the website and/or its contents on any other media, insofar as the publication is carried out by the website’s operator, with its knowledge and its agreement only.
  3. Who Is Allowed to Use the Portal?
    1. Any visitor – whether a healer or simply interested in the field of Tantra – is welcome to make use of the portal, as long as he follows the requirements of the state of Israel’s laws and all provisions of these terms of use.
    2. Use of the website is limited to those who are not minors in legal terms, meaning, the portal may only be used by someone who is at least 18 years old. If you are a minor, or prohibited by law from taking legal actions without a guardian’s approval, and still chose to ignore this provision and use the portal, the website’s management will view your use of the website as if it was made after receiving your parent and/or legal guardian’s approval for use.
    3. No claim made by anyone who made use of this portal in violation of its rules, or while giving a false statement about his age and/or legal capacity, regarding any damage, of any kind and type, directly or indirectly caused to him due to visiting the website, will be valid.
    4. The Tantra website is not interested in promoting healer/client dialogue within the confines of the website, given the fact that the portal does not have the technical or essential capability to supervise and oversee such dialogue. Due to that, dialogue between the parties will only be carried out directly between them, with no mediation or involvement on the portal’s part. As such, the portal, naturally, does not and will not have control over and/or liability for anything that is said or occurs between the parties.
    5. To clarify: the portal has no contact with the advertisers, aside from providing a platform for their advertisements, and is not capable of or interested in helping or interfering in the choice of the suitable healer for the client and/or establishing contact between them. The portal suggests that the visitors cast as wide a net as possible when searching for healers/workshops, other than on this website, in order to best match the service to their needs.
  4. Points of Emphasis for Healers
    1. The healer is aware that the field of Tantra is a sensitive and intimate one, which requires a great deal of experience and unique sensitivity from the healer. As a condition for advertising on this portal and working with its visitors, the healer undertakes to sign the Code of Ethics hereby attached to this contract, and operate only in accordance with it and as a condition for any activity mediated by the portal.
    2. The healer is aware that the portal will allow him to advertise as long as he fulfills the conditions of the healers’ contract, which he will sign, and the conditions of the Code of Ethics attached to this agreement, in full.
    3. The healer states that all details he has provided / will provide to the portal within the framework of this agreement and its publication in the portal are correct and up to date, and that if his details change in any way, he will update the portal’s management accordingly.
    4. In addition, the healer states that he has read the website’s Terms of Use in full and has signed them – the healer is asked to send the Terms of Use, signed by him, to the following email: Tantra.co.il@gmail.com (it is the advertiser’s responsibility to verify that the documents have been delivered).
    5. The advertiser knows that he must also receive informed consent before performing any action and/or holding any meeting with a client. He undertakes to use the informed consent document prepared for him by the website, and make any client / website visitor who approaches him due to his advertisements on the website, directly or indirectly, sign it. If the portal becomes aware of a healer who has not acted accordingly, the portal’s management will be allowed to permanently suspend him from the portal, including deleting all of the contents he has uploaded to the website, without additional notice.
    6. The advertiser is aware that if he conducts himself inappropriately with the website’s visitors and/or when advertising, the website’s management will have the right to remove his advertisements from the website indefinitely and without any requirement for justification or prior notice. Inappropriate conduct is any of the following:
      1. Violating an obligation made within the framework of this agreement, including not making clients sign an “informed consent”.
      2. Violating any section of the Code of Ethics.
      3. Misleading advertising and/or the discovery that a statement by the advertiser or the reputation he has presented are untrue.
      4. Inappropriate / improper / illegal / disrespectful treatment of a client on the portal.
      5. Disrespecting the profession and/or the type of session and/or the field of Tantra.
      6. Any other action and/or omission that has resulted in a complaint regarding the advertiser.
    7. No claim against the portal and/or anyone on its behalf due to the enforcement, in practice, of these sections will be valid.
    8. The advertiser undertakes to indemnify the website’s management and/or anyone on its behalf for any damage, loss of profit, financial loss, payment or expense caused to them due to a violation of these Regulations and/or any law’s provision, as aforesaid, including attorney’s fees and legal expenses.
  5. Points of Emphasis for Those Seeking a Healer/Workshop
    1. In case you are looking for a healer/workshop in this field, please take into account that this is an informational website for those interested in the topic of Tantra, and not a website offering sexual services, of any kind.
    2. On the contrary – the healers who advertise with us undertake to not have sexual relations with their clients, to follow the Code of Ethics in this field, and to follow strict codes of conduct with their clients, and therefore, insofar as you wish to do so – you are not in the appropriate place and are asked to leave the website.
    3. The sessions offered in the portal are from the world of sexuality and their purpose is to allow the participant a journey of self-discovery, self-enquiry, and personal development, using tools the healer has acquired over the course of his life.
    4. The website visitor is aware that the session is not based on any academic or officially “recognized” methods, and cannot replace conventional methods of medicine and healing, or medical, psychological or psychiatric recommendations. The healer advertising his services on the website is not a doctor, psychologist or psychiatrist (except in cases where he personally attests to it – and then, the client is required to verify it on his own, as aforesaid).
    5. The session methods offered on the website are methods which support healing and personal growth, and most of them are not officially recognized and defined methods in the world of conservative sessions. Accordingly, the healer has given himself various definitions of various types which the website does not take any sort of responsibility for, such as: “sex priest”, “sexual healer”, “Tantric healer”, etc., all of which are by the healer’s personal choice and do not necessarily attest to the nature of the session. The responsibility to check what type of service is being offered is on the website visitor only, and no claim against the portal’s management regarding this matter will be valid.
    6. The website visitor states, as aforesaid, that he is of legal age, of mental capacity, and interested in and capable of participating in the journeys which the sessions offered in the portal will provide him, when the session may, naturally, entail physical or energetic efforts, movement, dancing, breathing, a massage of different areas, and emotional and moral challenges.
    7. Similarly, the sessions themselves may include nudity, as well as observation or touch of intimate and modest areas such as: vulva, penis, buttocks, breasts. This is clear to the website visitor and he chooses it, fully, of his own free will.
    8. The website visitor is aware that it is his full responsibility to check the healer’s identity, professional experience and professional history, as the portal has no way of verifying the information the advertiser has sent for advertisement. In connection with that, the advertising on the website does not constitute any kind or type of recommendation to approach one healer or another, and is not any kind or type of guarantee and/or verification of the information the healer has provided about himself, including his fields of specialty, experience, knowledge and any information he has provided and/or advertised on the portal. The portal’s management has no technical or essential capability to control, supervise and verify the information which appears on the website.
    9. The participant is aware that the choice whether and to what extent to order a session, arrive at the session, participate in the session and receive any type of touch or treatment, is his own only, and as a mature and healthy person who understands the nature of the session, the participant undertakes to look after himself and communicate his wishes, sensitivities and boundaries to the healer.
    10. The participant is aware that he has the option, the right and in fact even the obligation to define, and ensure in advance that the healer is aware of, the client’s safe boundaries, his wishes and the “red” lines he asks not to cross – physically, emotionally, mentally, mindfully. It is recommended to perform such a clear definition of boundaries before the beginning of the process and in advance, and insofar as possible even in writing, in all order for the parties to be able to set out on a safe and respectful journey together.
    11. The participant states that at the time of visiting the portal, he has no impediment of any kind to participating in these types of sessions: health-related, physical, emotional or mental. The participant undertakes to inform the healer of any relevant information which may be an impediment or limitation to participating in the session. In any case of a change in his condition, the participant has the full responsibility to seek professional help, as well as inform the healer of the full, up-to-date picture.
    12. The participant understands that he has not been given – directly or indirectly – any promise or representation regarding the session / workshop by the portal’s management, and insofar as he feels any discomfort or mismatch, he will bring it up with the healer he chose to go to. In the event that the participant has any claim regarding the session, he undertakes to address it directly to the healer, and allow him the option of settling the dispute and/or assisting the participant, in an amicable and harmonious manner.
    13. Insofar as a user of the website has any claim against a different user, all in accordance with the content of these Terms of Use, he will be able to approach the website’s management about the matter by sending an email to Tantra.co.il@gmail.com, and the management will try to investigate the complaint as much as possible.
  6. Advertising on the Portal
    1. It is important to remember that naturally, publications on the website are visible to the entire public, so the advertiser must take care not to publish any content and/or information which may harm anyone, in any way, and/or cause damage to any other person or party, and undertakes to take full responsibility for his statements.
    2. The website’s management will not bear any liability for the advertiser’s publications, and insofar as there is any claim regarding them – the website’s management will pass on the complaint, to be handled fully by the advertiser.
    3. By the very act of publishing on the portal, the advertiser is granting the website’s operator a license unlimited by time to publish, copy, distribute, duplicate and make any other use of his publication at its discretion, in order to promote the portal or for any other reason, and the advertiser will not able to demand a payment and/or any benefit in exchange for such content, except for credit – which will be given to the advertiser in the event that the materials are published in full.
    4. It is clarified that the operator of the website has an unlimited right to refuse to publish content that has been published and/or provided for publishing, as well as to delete any publication and/or advertisement and/or comment or part thereof, whenever it sees fit, especially when advertising the content – in full or in part – violates the provisions of these Terms of Use. The advertiser is aware that every publication of his will be presented in the portal or removed from it at the discretion of the website’s management only.
    5. The website’s management will also, in unusual cases, have the right to block the activity of any visitor in the portal or delete a publication of his, all without a need for a justification or an advance warning, and the website visitor takes that into account in advance. Blocking or deleting will be done in cases where these Regulations and/or the state of Israel’s laws and/or public policy (תקנת הציבור) are violated, and in any case of any activity which, in the website management’s opinion, is not considered appropriate activity on this kind of website, in order to maintain a free rein in managing the portal.
  7. The Visitor’s Statements and Obligations
    1. The website visitor undertakes to avoid publications which may harm anyone, such as:
      1. The publication of content which is prohibited from publication by the state of Israel’s laws.
      2. The publication of profanity, smears, incitement of racism and/or violence or harassment.
      3. The publication of false or misleading content.
      4. The publication of defamation according to the provisions of the Defamation (Prohibition) Law, 1965, including, among other things, the humiliation or degradation of another person in the eyes of the website’s other visitors.
      5. Uploading contents or links which infringe on a third party’s intellectual property right. In regards to that, the advertiser undertakes to publish only materials which belong to him, which were written by him and which he has the full rights to.
      6. Uploading contents which harm anyone’s privacy as per the definition of this right in the Protection of Privacy Law, 1981.
      7. The distribution of a publication and/or junk mail in a manner that goes against the provisions of the Media Law (Bezeq and Broadcasts), 1982.
      8. Uploading any computer software and/or application and/or computer code and/or texts which include “viruses”, and so forth, to the website.
      9. Uploading sexual and explicit contents which are not meant for healing and assisting others.
      10. The publication of information on any person that is personal, session-related or confidential.
      11. The publication of content which may expose the identity of a minor or someone who lacks legal capacity.
    2. A publication which violates these provisions will put the advertiser in a position where he must take full responsibility for any damage caused to any party or person, and of course to the portal itself, as a result.
    3. Additionally, and as aforesaid, the website’s operator will have the right to prevent an upload and/or delete a publication or contents which, in its opinion, violate these provisions, at any time (but will not be obligated to do so in any case).
  8. Intellectual Property and other Provisions
    1. The intellectual property rights to the website, including the copyright, trade secrets and trademarks, registered and unregistered, are all owned by the website’s manager and owner, Mr. Nirvan Lev. Also included in those are the right to the website’s name, its domain, its graphic design, its structure, verbal texts, symbols and signs as well as different types of files and applications. In light of that and in accordance with the law, the website visitor undertakes to avoid any infringement on the website operator’s intellectual property rights, and among other things, to avoid copying, publishing, distributing, presenting, or passing on the aforementioned components without receiving the website manager’s agreement in advance and in writing.
    2. Without derogating from the aforesaid, the intellectual property rights to the contents delivered by the user for publication on the website will remain with the user, insofar as he does in fact have the rights to them. This is subject to the portal’s aforesaid right to publish, copy, distribute and make any use of the information published on the website at its discretion, without the need to receive an explicit agreement from the user or pay a fee, now or in the future. The publisher waives the right to confidentiality of these contents from the moment they are delivered for publication on the portal.
    3. The website’s operator has the right to deliver the website visitor’s details or the IP address of the computer he was using during the visit to third parties, in any case where suspicion that the visitor’s activity is in violation of state laws and/or the Regulations arises, and insofar as the operator is obligated to do so (but this does not compel the website to acquiesce with a demand to reveal a visitor’s details).
    4. The website operator is not liable for a hacking of the website and the databases included in it, and the user is required to take this risk into account before publishing his materials on the website. No claim by a user that his materials have been lost or damaged due to a malfunction on the website will be valid – the user undertakes to back up all of his materials and not rely on their publication on the website.
    5. The portal may allow external parties to place advertisements, banners and/or links on the website in the future.
    6. The website’s management has the right to pass on and/or subrogate its rights and/or obligations in regards to the website, in accordance with either the law’s provisions or these Regulations, to third parties and in any way, fully or partially, including by way of transferring ownership and/or sublicensing, at its discretion and with no limitations whatsoever.
    7. The use of the portal will be subject to the laws of the state of Israel only, and the Hadera Court will have sole jurisdiction over any legal matter which stems from the provisions of these Regulations being followed or violated.
    8. In any case where a question arises in regards to the use of the website, you are welcome to address the website’s management via email at tantraportal.content@gmail.com – if the message is important to you, it is your responsibility to ensure that the email was received by our website.


We at the Tantra website wish you a pleasant, educational and empowering visit to the portal. Thank you.