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I work with people finding it difficult to have satisfying relationships, intimacy and contact.  Helping to understand our patterns in an embodied way and to move towards healthy relating. To learn to regulate and co-regulate our nervous systems and to establish an embodied sense of safety.  Recovery from love and sex addiction.  Sessions do not involve touch and can be conducted virtually. 

The possible outcomes of a undergoing a process with me include:

  • Learning to sense into your body what you feel in any moment
  • Being more aware of what your needs are and how to express them
  • Taking emotional responsibility for yourself
  • Learning how to get your needs met in a relationship 
  • Being able to fully relax with another person and feel connected
  • Understanding some basic triggers and patterns that you have 
  • Integrating different parts of yourself in a more coherent whole 
  • Developing a sense of inner peace and the resources to regulate your emotions 

כרטיס מטפלת


מפגש אישי (ללא מגע)


זוגיות, טיפול בעונג, פחד מאינטימיות

מין המטפל:


מין המטופלים:

זכר, נקבה, זוג

אזורי שירות:



עברית, אנגלית

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