Sacred Sexual Shamanic Healing

Sacred Sexual Shamanic Healing הטיפולים מתקיימים באנגלית בלבד

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🌟Sacred Shamanic Sexual Healing
Beautiful soul, as a Dakini, I deeply welcome you in my temple to experience a shamanic journey. My gift is:
“Taking the war out of Man and love them back to wholeness again.” This is also very healing for Women.
When I realised I had been in my own ‘prison’ practically my whole life, I liberated myself through deep dive (sexual) healing sessions.
It breaks my heart seeing people locked up behind their own energetic ‘walls’, often manifested in their physical bodies. Thinking they are safe, but are actually in prison.. Where love can not flow in or out..This often causes conflicts and ‘war’ in the persons’ inner world (mind). Losing the connection with the true essence to live in their full potential.
When after a session I see the sparkles of light again in the eyes, the connection with the soul..and feel the life energy flowing; then I’m the most happy being ever.. !
“Rose, you melted me in your warmth and loving presence; my ‘protection shields’ dropped down. You have gently cracked me open and through your love, I felt very safe to surrender. It’s your light that poured through..and touched my true essence, my soul. I feel connected again. I feel pleasure again. I feel Life!” Ohad, Tel Aviv.
“OMG Rose, receiving such a healing in your magical temple: Its not a session, its an experience!
..I truly feel safe in my body again. I’m back. I’m home.” Catherine, Netherlands
“Going trough this experience with you was amazing and transforming. I will keep on opening and letting go in this area..my heartwish is to experience myself fully with beautiful women like you and in general, with Life.” Elya, Israel
What Rose says: ‘When you choose to work with me, you embark on a deep, exceptional, transformational, shamanic journey, creating a bridge between spirituality and sexuality. Through your shadows and pains, you will be uplifted into the light, the pleasure. It will not always be the most easy or comfortable ride, but worth all of it; for your own being in bliss, for your own beautiful soul.”
I’m coming from The Netherlands and have 15 years of experience in giving therapeutic massages as a physiotherapist. Now trained and initiated as a Sacred Sexual Healer at the International School of Temple Arts. When I was following these trainings, it felt for me like remembering these Arts from my past lives as a High Priestess in the sacred Temples.
The tools I work with are: emotional release, bodywork, transformational breath, de-armouring, deep tissue massage, reiki. Strongly supported by energetic transmissions; I call them ‘downloads from divine’.
I offer: a transformational shamanic, energetic journey & total body massage.  Offering yoni/lingam massage and sacred spot. And of course lots of warmth and unconditional love. Feels like coming home to the divine feminine. A coming home to yourself.❤
I could endlessly talk and explain about these magical journeys..but all I will say for now is:
~ When you feel the call..you will feel it..~
I’m in Tel Aviv for giving sessions almost every 2 months.
This time from 09/08-20/08. For bookings:
Please whatsapp: +31 682800030
or call: 054-9336384
-> website rosenauta.com soon to be online.
1,5 - 3 hr
950 - 1700 shekel
Note: in sessions the client is naked and I stay partially dressed. No kissing, no sex. No exchange of bodily fluids.
And oh yes I do a lot of warm hugs, body to body contact and energy transmissions in a free flow.✨
Thank you,
-> only english speaking <-

כרטיס מטפלת

  • מפגש אישי (כולל מגע)
  • עיסוי טנטרי
התמחויות:אין אונות, דיכאון, הסרת שריון, טיפול בעונג, עיסוי טנטרי, רב אורגזמיות, שפיכה מוקדמת
מין המטפל:נקבה
מין המטופלים:זכר, נקבה
אזורי שירות:תל אביב
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