Tantric massage

I invite you on a journey deep into yourself, a journey of remembrance, through tuning into the innate wisdom that lives in your body and awakening the sexual energy that is your life force.

We all carry many patterns and beliefs that are influencing the way we show up in our lives and feel about ourselves that are not serving us and our highest expression and evolution. In our sessions, we will work to release your conditioning, shame, and trauma and bring you into your natural state of joy, bliss, and ecstasy through loving touch, presence, breath, sound, and movement.

There is so much that is possible when we are able to release the grip of the mind and allow the body to speak and be heard. As we let go of our preconceived beliefs around sexuality and make space for what is true, we open ourselves up to boundless love and liberation.

The session will be a space for you to fully surrender what is alive for you in the present moment, without the need to act or perform, guided by the sensations of your body. We will create safe and sacred space to release tension from the body and mind, letting go of the stress and anxiety that is getting in the way of you experiencing yourself in your true nature, which is Divine Love. You may experience emotional release and healing, increased capacity for feeling sensation, pleasure, and orgasmic energy, a felt sense of your inner strength and power, love for your body and your being, confidence in who are you, freedom in your full expression. Each session will be uniqued tailored to your needs, free of any goals or expectations, and with an honoring of mutual boundaries.

About Me

My name is Krista, I am from the United States and so excited to be in Israel to offer my gift of loving presence and touch. I’ve been on my own deep dive into yoga, meditation, tantra, sexuality, and temple arts, most recently studying with ISTA and being trained as a practitioner in their field and training in Tantric Massage.

Please fill out this form https://forms.gle/JcsUUrYoytYskWiZ9 and I will get back to you shortly to book a session.

כרטיס מטפלת


מפגש אישי (כולל מגע), עיסוי טנטרי


הסרת שריון, טנטרה לגברים, עיסוי טנטרי, עיסוי יוני

מין המטפל:


מין המטופלים:

זכר, נקבה, זוג

אזורי שירות:

פרדס חנה



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