Transformational tantra massage for men

This is the time for you to fully recharge Yourself on energy and love. It is the time for you to totally relax and indulge in receiving and heal into your depths. To come home in your body and feel self love and self acceptance. To fully relax into the non-doing. To let go of all expectations on yourself, musts, performance and completely surrender to love. To awaken your life force and letting go of fears and shame associated with your sexuality. To invite old and new emotions to come up, to release tensions and blockages stored in your body and open up for deep transformation and healing. To enjoy deep pleasure from receiving loving touch from the divine feminine.

In a session with me as your Dakini, I’m fully present and I’m there for you, holding you and creating a completely safe and sacred space. I’m there to serve you with unconditional love and together with you we create a journey into the unknown. In a tantra massage session there is no predetermined end goal, we co-create the session dependent on what is alive in you. I’m using my intuition and experience to interpret your physical, energetic and emotional body. I will give you a full body sensual massage including lingam massage if you wish to receive that, I will guide your breathing, give bio-energetic and somatic sexual healing.

I’m a trained Tantra Massage Therapist in The Paths of Transformation – Transformational Tantra Massage training in the UK and I have also undertaken training within the International School of Temple Arts (ISTA) including Sexual, Spiritual and Shamanic practices.

A session is always started with a guiding and coaching conversation based on what made you search for the service, your intention and desires about what you wish the session to give you.

After a session with me you are likely to feel more present in your body, feeling more alive and energized so you can experience yourself and your life again with all your senses.


1,5 hr. 800 ILS

To book a session writ me to  –  Johanna.kruusval@gmail.com

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מפגש אישי (כולל מגע), עיסוי טנטרי


אורגזמה, טיפול בעונג, טנטרה לגברים, עיסוי טנטרי, שפיכה מוקדמת

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