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Through tantra to an orgastic liberation

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A nature of a treatment varies according to the levels of your development. You will be met in a safe space and invitation to speak up about your life, your wishes and challenges you are going through. My treatments range from the sexological coaching, through the physical therapy to the highly charged orgastic energy awakenings. With the newbies, I usually combine yoganidra, dance, meditation and massage techniques to create the best environment possible to lead you up to the higher level of consciousness.

Hi, I am Gavriela

Well travelled, well educated, gentle, fragile and loving woman, open hearted enough to see the divine beauty in your eyes

I love seeing&hearing people in their true nature, ecstatic, having fun, dancing, liking their own being and the pleasure which is being offered to them through the miracle of the body

Tantric session with me is a pure improvisation. I build upon many practices and tools which throughout the years melted into my signature approach, combining meditation, breathing techniques and the gentle power of a loving human touch

I have the ability to hold the safe and grounded space for you so you can melt into the Unity of the Body, Mind and Soul. I believe that the Life is a gift and the Love is a natural state of mind

With my guiding, you have a perfect opportunity to come again to yourself, to self-love and acceptance, to surrender to the truth of your being and stay there for good

When contacting me, please mind your manners and be gentle to me, as I am a very sensitive human being. Thank you and looking forward to meet you 🙂

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