Individual sessions with Freya

I invite you, your body temple in which you are going to meet the most important person in your life... yourself. I invite you to the space in which you will discover the fullness of yourself. I will be your guide into energy and awareness and pleasure so you can feel safe to open to your body and emotions, and invoke whatever is important to you.

My mission is your well-being, the approach is therapeutic. I work with your whole body, every part deserves attention and a loving touch to relieve tensions and blockages in a sensual and harmonious way. You will truly feel your body as a sacred space. Following the energy flow, you may experience deep emotional releases, ecstatic states, shaking and vibrating of the whole body.

Imagine entering the temple…

The aroma feels as soon as you enter the room full of magical atmosphere before you start. The dim light of the candles accompanies the experience and plunges you into a state of calm and connection within.

The actual massage begins with harmonic and rhythmic strokes from the feet to the head. I usually start with a light and strong strokes and deep tissue massage to unblock the body, relax it and prepare it in this way for a delicious experience. Aromatherapy and organic oils are some of the tools to help you to relax in the journey.

At the sessions with me, you will learn how to :

  • love your body
  • discover your pleasure
  • express what you desire in such a way that your partner is excited to please you
  • receive pleasure without thinking that your turn will come in a moment.
  • become a multiorgasmic man/woman
  • separate orgasm from ejaculation
  • work with desire and release suppressed sexual energy
  • give pleasure to your partner and give her the touch she wants
  • One session lasts for 1.5 - 3 hours.

For booking a session write to: freya.wolna@gmail.com

Or call - 0552546176

The first session is payable by a full transfer up to 3 days before the agreed date. The payment is a confirmation of the booking and the condition.

You will receive payment details after registration and confirmation of the date.

Refund in case of cancellation:

Full refund of payment up to 3 days before the session. Later only if at the same time someone comes to your place of recommendation.

Important Information

Tantric sessions and rituals are not sexual services. We work with sexual energy, with genital touch. You will feel, relax, pleasure, feel the energy. Orgasm, ejaculation, are most welcome and celebrated as part of the process - not the goal. If you are looking for stimulating to an  orgasm or "happy end" it s not what I offer.

For booking a session write to: freya.wolna@gmail.com

Areas of work during sessions:

Sexual Healing

Releasing tensions, blocks and old patterns, working with premature ejaculation and lack of erection, separating orgasm from ejaculation, inability to achieve orgasms, understanding that you have a choice and the capabilities of achieving a multiple whole body orgasms. Fascial massage, tantric and energy massage, disarming sexuality, opening to a sensitive touch and pleasure. Sacred spot rituals, Yoni and Lingam healing.

Multiorgasmic Man/Woman

You will learn and understand the energy of your body, learn breathing techniques, energy, breath and tantric work with your body to enrich your intimate experiences and open yourself to the pleasure and experience of multiple orgasms that go far beyond physical pleasure. Whole body sexual Orgasm, Big draw, and combination of healing and relaxing massages.

Awakening of the Wild within

You will meet and befriend your energy body. Through breathing, tantric and shamanic visualizations and practices, you will discover your true masculine / feminine, open yourself to your wildness to connect with your heart and become your ally in relationships, sex, work and life.

Art of Love and pleasure

Learning to give and receive touch, intimate communication and magic Tantra.

Kashmere Ritual ( only after we have had a session before), Taoistic Erotic Massage

Dark Eros

Discovering transgressive sexuality tinted with a touch of darkness of the forbidden fruit. The art of erotic play, using and transgressing punishment tools for the affirmation of courage and inner power of the first chakra. Conscious punishment as an act of love, demystifying myths and moral perceptions about being polite, releasing innocent pleasure and charging the energy of the first chakra to return home.

The art of erotic game and play, conscious kink, domination and submission.

May include secret spot healing and pleasuring.

Path to Freedom

Tantra as a spiritual path of meditation, personal development and self-development leading to liberation from the chains of the mind, limiting beliefs, prohibitions and social norms to personal freedom to accept life in every manifestation, life in abundance and gentle acceptance of yourself and everything that meets us.

Teaching meditation, freeing the body of blocks, discovering your energy body, opening yourself to your potential and your personal power.

About me:

I am a certified professional Tantra Massage Therapist an international Tantra teacher and a professional trainer with over 16 years of experience, life coach, body&breath worker. Certified facilitator of OSHO meditations. I have been conducting trainings for men and women on sexuality & relationships, Tantra Massage Professional Trainings, Bioenergetics and sexual healing.  I have been mediation and practicing for over 20 years.

I have been trained with John Hawken in his Paths of Transformation School, with Shachar Caspi in his  Art of Love school and Santoshi Amor in her Tantra Woman school. I am now facilitator in all of the schools now. I have also completed the ISTA training.


Dear Freya,

One day is gone and still feeling a strong connection to the universe … it was a miraculous space we have been in ... which you held ... and which we created together.

Let me thank you a lot lot lot for the wonderful experiences which you facilitated .. in your way of staying highly present and both authentic and professional at the same time.


Freya has a gift. Thanks to her experience, knowledge and beautiful, warm and joyful heart you can fully trust, deeply relax, experience the wonderful bliss of being and return to yourself. Careful, respectful and sanctifying, Freya's touch comes from a variety of methods, including the entire spectrum - from strong, point pressure, through the Lomi Lomi liquid massage, to the most delicate brush, which greatly enlivens and soothes the body and soul. Thanks to Freya, you made me feel back like a fully living divine being - or rather remember that it has always been. I highly recommend <3


Freya's tantric massage is a wonderfully magical experience. For the body, for the heart and for the soul. At least once in a lifetime give yourself such a meeting with tantric energy. I came to her at a time of big changes in my life, quite a lot of changes, stress, which nested tight in my body. I think that everyone needs a moment to completely give up, trust and look after themselves. We do not have to struggle alone with everyone.


Thanks to Freya, I made my first dozen steps on the wonderful Tantra path.

Freya quickly dispelled my doubts.

The lightness, presence, ease and incredible feminine power with which she works made me enthuse and positively surprise every time.

Freya does not force - she encourages.

With her, I do not feel compulsive - so I am willing to enter into experience, knowing that my individuality and awareness of what is good for me is fully respected and accepted.


For booking a session write to: freya.wolna@gmail.com

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