Tantric Healer

I will tell you the truth. I am intimidated by sex.


Of all places to be intimidated by sex, the Tantra portal is the most challenging one to be in. The large majority of visitors are seeking, expecting a sexual experience. And yet here I am expressing that I have just as many issues, and even resistance with sex as you may have. I am confessing that I may be the complete opposite of what you have come to find.


But what I have to give, in ample quantities, is Love.


Tantra has taught me how Sexuality and Love can be integrated in a way I was unable to understand before. I’ve been shown how to harness my vital energy, and face my own shadows, and it has saved my life. Tantra has become my path, has enabled my wounds to heal beyond what I could imagine. It goes far past sexual practices, unlike what most people believe. It is meditation of life.


I offer you my Love. I offer a space of intimacy where you can speak, unload whatever is weighing on you, your mind, your body, your emotions, without judgement. I offer you my Loving touch (healing touch- fully clothed) so that you can surrender and reconnect with your heart, your original self. I offer you my compassionate embrace.


If you are in a place where you feel ready to grow, to heal yourself, to truly learn, I’m also here to guide you in a journey of introspection and truth. There is so much more to Tantra than what the world sees of it, than sex, I would be more than happy to show you. My hands are open. My heart is opening too.


To schedule a session, please contact me via whatsapp only. No phone calls. Thank you.

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Visit my website: https://www.intuitella.com

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