Tantric Healer

Very recently, my mother passed away.

Every time someone passes, I find myself doing everything I can to avoid the grief that comes with loss. But life has taught me it is inevitable, and knowing how to process it, to hold it, makes all the difference between trauma and healing, between suffering and beauty.

I have been practicing and learning Tantra for three years now, and it has reconciled me with every single aspect of my life in ways that I did not know were possible, and that no other practice had achieved. I tried many different things to make me feel better, but none of them came close to what this path has shown me.

I have overcome anxiety, depression, self-hatred, suicidal thoughts, jealousy, shame…I continue to transform, continue to heal, it has become a way of life for me. I have learned, and keep learning what it truly means to love myself, and to thus love someone else.

In this new phase, I am journeying through the grief of my mother’s passing from an entirely new place. There is joy, and silence, and bliss to be experienced. There is connection and light.

This is the gift I seek to share, no matter what you are going through. In the spirit of compassion, I serve as a humble guide for you to reconnect.

To schedule a session, please contact me via whatsap only. No phone calls. Thank you.


כרטיס מטפלת


מפגש אישי (ללא מגע), מפגש אישי (כולל מגע), מפגש OnLine, עיסוי טנטרי


דיכאון וחרדה, טיפול בזוג, טיפול בחרדות, טנטרה לזוגות, טראומה מינית, פחד מאינטימיות

מין המטפל:


מין המטופלים:

זכר, נקבה, זוג

אזורי שירות:

מרכז, תל אביב


עברית, אנגלית, ספרדית, צרפתית
להצגה לחצו

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