Clara is an international Intimacy & Empowerment guide and Dakini

Clara has trained with leading authorities in the fields of Tantra, Conscious Sensuality and Sexual Shamanism and currently travels the world offering transformative sexual healing sessions and group processes.

In the private sessions she combines various modalities of Tantric bodywork and massage, creating a safe loving space for seekers to open, go deep and discover new dimensions of consciousness and pleasure.

She’s passionate about guiding seekers who long to reconnect with their bodies, their raw life force and creative essence through conscious activation of erotic power.

Clara has found her home serving as a tantric Priestess in the re-emerging Love Temples across the world. She’s an experienced facilitator of ceremonial spaces where Eros and Spirit are alchemized for prayer, healing and manifestation.

She is faculty at ISTA - International School of Temple Arts and is a regular presenter at Sexuality and Consciousness festivals across the world.

To book a session you can send an email claragomezuk@gmail.com to whit your name, your telephone and few words about yourself and what would you wish to experience in the session. and we will contact you shortly after.

Clara speak English and Spanish

:For more pic and video of Clara check this links


  To book a session contact us in the mail  claragomezuk@gmail.com

כרטיס מטפלת

  • מפגש אישי (כולל מגע)
  • עיסוי טנטרי
התמחויות:אורגזמה, טיפול בעונג, עיסוי טנטרי, שפיכה מוקדמת
מין המטפל:נקבה
מין המטופלים:זכר
אזורי שירות:מרכז
שפות:אנגלית, ספרדית
מחיר \ זמן:

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  2. הי מעונין לקבוע פגישה.אשמח אם תחזרי אליי בטלפון 0522513347

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