Anna is an international teacher and therapist in the field of Tantric Bodywork and Conscious Sexuality. Yoga, Meditation, Shaiva Tantra, Taoism and Healing, all combined into a path of Awareness & Intimacy. As a Yoga Therapist she furthermore specializes in pelvic health, bringing a unique combination of holistic healing and sacred sexuality.

At the base of our torso lies a tremendous power, the very source of our creative life force. When  the center is open, and is able to flow harmoniously we can feel deeply connected to life, intense pleasure and in complete 'flow'. This creativity spills over into all parts of our life. We deepen our expression of aliveness in every moment, experiencing true intimacy. Life itself becomes sweet and orgasmic. Working on sexuality, especially in our modern societies where there is still a lot of taboo around this topic, requires courage and openness. It may require stepping out of your comfort zone, It may require meeting parts of yourself which have been suppressed until now. However with the right guidance and with compassion & openness of the heart, it is a very beautiful and incredibly healing journey. And in this process, we don’t only bring immense healing to ourselves, we also allow others around us to open up and live more deeply. Experiencing deep pleasure and feeling truly alive in every moment is your birth right!

In her sessions Anna brings a delightful blend of her (nearly a decade of) experience as a coach of conscious intimacy, trauma-sensitive bodywork, sensuality, tantra, emotional de-armouring and a lot of yogic healing. Her sessions range from very therapeutic to very energetic & pleasure oriented, and anywhere in between. Wherever you are in your search for sexual healing and true intimacy with yourself or with your partner, she can meet you there. She holds a safe and non-judgmental space allowing you to fully relax, release & open, to allow true healing to occur. Sessions are available for men, women and couples (LGBT friendly)

Chi Nei Sang, Anal de-armouring (men/women) & Prostate massage and within Pelvic health: support with pelvic organ prolapse (mainly women), chronic pain syndromes (men & women), erectile dysfunction & premature ejaculation

כרטיס מטפלת

  • מפגש אישי (ללא מגע)
  • מפגש אישי (כולל מגע)
  • מפגש OnLine
  • עיסוי טנטרי
התמחויות:טנטרה לזוגות, טראומה מינית, עיסוי טנטרי, פחד מאינטימיות, רב אורגזמיות
מין המטפל:נקבה
מין המטופלים:זכר, נקבה, זוג, מעורב
אזורי שירות:מרכז
שפות:אנגלית, צרפתית, אחר
מחיר \ זמן:400 per hour

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