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About the healer Session of circular respiration (Rebirthing)  - Body session - Healing session - Guided imagination session - Meditative session.Personal session in the clinic in Tel Aviv and Pardes Hanna.

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My sessions
I’ve been treating people in this life since 1996 and I’ve been treating for thousands of years in the past, I’ve met thousands of people on the way, seen endless miracles happen, and things change and heal.
I use a lot in a healing method called Theta Healing, as well as various tools from NLP, coaching, counseling, high-level training ,sometimes through rebirthing, and working with bio-energy.

I believe and know with all my heart that when there is a deep desire for healing and growth, they always exist, available and possible, and therefore I invite you with all my heart to come and start living as you deserve, a life of joy, play, health, trust, abundance, love, simplicity and real fulfillment. Of all who you are.

My Tantra:
To connect people to themselves, to their power, to deepen the forces of the soul and the love in the body, to release stipulations and conquerive beliefs, and to help people live a liberated and happy life. Each person is connected to his unique gifts and knows how to express them within life.
We came to this world full of wonderful powers and powers that always exist within us, to whom we call the forces of abundance. During our lives we have opened up additional forces to which we call our mind forces, which consist of all the thoughts, emotions, and conditioning we have learned throughout our lives.

Our joy, love, peace, fullness and fulfillment are buried in our abundance, in our connection to our depth. The power of the mind is also remarkably strong, and often it is based on fears, feelings, doubts, anger, and prevents us from living a fulfilling and happy life.

In our session we focus our work on several channels simultaneously to release our strength and authenticity and our connection to our deep creativity, our fulfillment, and our ability to live at this moment.

Sexual session – Tantric session
Tantric meeting is an intimate encounter, a meeting that is aimed at healing all the levels that make us and is suitable for women, men and couples. In this session we work with our sexual energy (life energy), learn how to activate it, how to activate it in the body, and how to create a deep healing of all that seeks healing within us. The encounter comes to create a safe space where one can be devoted to security, learn how to let go, how to be anyone I am. All the injuries and barriers we have accumulated in our lives, both in the physical and in the emotional and conscious bodies, are released and imbued with inner strength and thanksgiving for life.

The direction of the meeting can change as needed. The general trend is to respect and cherish the body, to teach the person to love himself, to learn new directions of life and pleasure within the body, to release old traumas and pains from the body, to learn how to activate points within the body, All levels, and expand through sexual energy and intensify our spiritual work, and learn how to use this energy to fulfill our power in the world.

In the Tantric encounter, several central tools are used:

  1. Breathing – Through special breathing we learn to empower the vividness in the body, to move the energy, to open blockages in the body and the emotional body, and to learn real calm, one that enables the body to heal itself.
  2. An accurate conversation that allows you to see what is needed, through which you can gain new insights on how to improve your life, how to increase your acceptance and giving ability, to identify and release patterns of thinking and behaviors that harm our true powers, to direct ourselves to a healthy relationship,to free and enjoyable sexuality and a happy life.
  3. Touch – Tantric massage is a special massage that exudes the sexual energy of the body, intensifies it, releases blockages, teaches us to activate sexual energy in our body and channel it to all levels of our being.

Men learn how to channel their sexual energy throughout the body, how to avoid ejaculation, to experience orgasms throughout the body for a long time, and to recharge the body with vividness, how to activate the centers of pleasure in their bodies in new ways that contribute to vitality and joy and turn them into excellent lovers.
Women learn how to use their bodies with joy, how to work with their sexual energy in new ways, free past patterns, vulnerability and traumas, how to be more liberated and happy, how to give the whole body a supreme pleasure for a long time, to empower self-love and freedom to live.

  1. Voice – Learn how to release and move our sound energy, which helps us to open and release more, to grow and relax through special sounds and through special tantric mantras that help us to open important centers in the body (in the glands of the brain, body, genitals).
  2. Energetic Healing – supports the whole process, helps healing, growth, pleasure, and integration of the experience at all levels.
  3. Tools for emotional release, learning tools for emotional release and transformation.

The first step begins with you – take a deep breath and make contact

If there is a difficulty with the cost of session, I would be happy to help and refer to healerss who have been trained and certified by me.

Circular breathing session – Body session – Healing session – Guided imagination session – Meditative session
Personal session at the clinic in Tel Aviv and Pardes Hanna

Personal session is an invitation to a meeting, an intimate meeting. During the encounter we invite all the parts that make us, the soul, the bodies of consciousness, the emotional bodies and the physical body.
The encounter is aimed for healing, deep healing of what is not functioning right for you, releasing things that no longer serve you, releasing the past. The meeting is aimed at your empowerment, finding your strengths and connecting them, and using them correctly, in order to create a deep connection to all of your layers and to remember your natural knowledge of living a healthy, free and happy life.

In the meeting we will identify the obstacles and challenges that exist in your system, examine them in depth, find the right ways for you to live, and find how to do it together. The meeting differs from one to another because of the uniqueness that exists in each of us, and therefore it is not possible to plan in advance how the meeting will be. In the session I use the many healing tools I have accumulated throughout life, soul-level sessions, meditations, healing methods, divine grace, voice, breathing and deep listening.

At the level of consciousness (the belief systems that exist in us, some of which are conscious and some are not, some of which create a reality of difficulty and suffering and a life of compromise and illness, we identify them and create a change in the beliefs that support us and our high fulfillment in life.) I use a healing method called Theta Healing and various tools ranging from NLP, training, counseling, connection to high-level training, and sometimes through rebirthing, and working with bio-energy.

At the level of the emotional bodies, we learn to identify what triggers your emotional bodies, how to live emotions fully, how to transform them, how to move to full presence in the present moment, and use tools such as healing, reaching the roots of the pain and releasing it.

On the physical level we will learn how to listen to the body, what it seeks, how to open it right and allow the energy of life to flow in it, how to breathe correctly, how to work and to give the body vitality and joy, to heal the trauma and pain of the past. We will use tools from the worlds of healing, rebirthing and exercises from the bio-energy, yoga and tantra world.

The encounters can point to specific healing of any physical pain, a certain illness, some blockage in life (romantic relations, fulfillment of purpose, livelihood, fertility, etc.) and there we will examine what creates the challenge and how to open the path to healing and liberation.

The sessions can also aim at a whole process, in which we work in depth on all levels of life, and are directed to a full and happy life in every area and field of life – a life of true freedom, fulfillment, joy, abundance, health and constant growth.

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